Downtown Master Plan

At the request of Beautiful Downtown Lewiston (BDL), the City of Lewiston allocated $50,000 in the City’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget for development of a Downtown Master Plan.

Though BDL is administering the project, this plan will be used by the entire community in planning public and private investment in the area. A comprehensive master plan must be built on feedback from a wide range of residents, property owners and business owners to understand what our community wants and will support in downtown Lewiston.

BDL intends to manage development of the Downtown Master Plan in a transparent, inclusive manner that engages all community members, downtown residents, public agency staff, and downtown property and business owners. This approach is reflective of BDL’s position as a non-profit subject to public access laws and dependent on the public’s trust and goodwill.

Steering Committee

To guide the project, BDL has formed a steering committee comprised of a mix of downtown residents, property owners, business owners, representatives from public agencies and interested community members. The steering committee meets once per month to guide BDL’s Staff in managing the downtown master plan process.

Public Input

Public participation will be a crucial component of the downtown master plan. We anticipate the public outreach portion of the project to begin in mid to late summer 2018. Please email BDL Executive Director Courtney Kramer at to be added to the list of community members interested in participating in the project.

Existing Plans

Civic leaders and community members have invested time and resources in a variety of plans that impact the revitalization of downtown Lewiston. The 2018-2019 downtown master plan will build on these existing documents while incorporating fresh community feedback, Smart Growth principles and the interests of local property owners, business owners and residents.