Downtown Art Walk Registration 2018

Downtown Art Walk Registration 2018

Beautiful Downtown Lewiston (BDL) invites you to participate in the Downtown Art Walk on Friday, October 5, 2018 from 5-9 p.m.

General Guidelines

Your participation requires compliance with the below guidelines:

  1. All exhibit/performance sites must be located within the downtown Lewiston area business district.
  2. Participants are asked to keep in mind the importance of quality and variety in works of art, performances and display methods/locations.
  3. All mediums are welcome. Works of art by local artists are encouraged, but not required.
  4. Visual works of art should be original or limited in edition (not works that are mass produced and widely distributed).
  5. Works of art that are considered permanent decoration within a facility or business do not qualify for participation in Downtown Art Walk.
  6. Performances should embrace the spirit of art walk as an event attended by both children and adults and must be live or have an element of live performance.
  7. Beautiful Downtown Lewiston retains the right to reject any application that does not meet these guidelines.
  8. Registering to participate is not an automatic endorsement by Beautiful Downtown Lewiston. The host location agrees that Beautiful Downtown Lewiston, its employees and volunteers are not responsible for the contents, facilities, or individuals associated with Downtown Art Walk.
  9. Staff retains the right to terminate any activity that compromises public health and safety or is not in keeping with the intent of the event.
  10. Every participating Host Location must sign an agreement to hold Beautiful Downtown Lewiston harmless, defend, and indemnify and agree to its terms.
How to Participate

If you are an artist (visual, performing or literary)…

  1. Please contact any business in downtown Lewiston and ask if they would be willing to host your work. Most business owners will want a sample of your work or hear a performance prior to registration.
  2. Once a business agrees to host your work, the artist and the business representative should complete the registration form together. Listed artists are responsible for paying a $20 participation fee.
  3. It is up to you and the business to make all specific arrangements regarding set up, take down, sales and receptions.
  4. If you need help finding a space or making contact with a local business, please contact Beautiful Downtown Lewiston for assistance.

If you are a business…

  1. Realizing that regular hours may vary, businesses wishing to be Host Locations are required to remain open for the full extent of the event hours (5pm – 9pm).
  2. You may arrange for an artist on your own or contact Beautiful Downtown Lewiston for help. Staff can assist you by networking artists with businesses, but cannot make specific arrangements to match an artist with your business.
  3. Please evaluate the appropriateness of your display/performance space to assure that you can accommodate and highlight the artist’s work. We recommend that participating businesses set aside adequate space to accommodate at least 3 pieces of art by one or more artists.
  4. Do not submit a registration form until you have made arrangements to host a specific artist.
  5. The Host Location is responsible for submitting the registration form, Host Location fee and for collecting the $20 fee from each artist listed at your location.
  6. Obtain necessary input from the artist, complete the registration form, and return it to Beautiful Downtown Lewiston by 5:00pm, Thursday, September 13, 2018.
  7. Confirmation letters will be sent to the business contact email address following the registration deadline. Registered participants will also receive participant poster and other materials prior to the event.
  8. A 2×2 ad in the Lewiston Tribune has been incorporated into the price for all host locations again this year. This ad is at the discounted rate of $40, a special offered to Downtown Art Walk participants, and includes design work. The Lewiston Tribune will put together a special feature for the Thursday (October 6) edition of Inland 360 entertainment section for Downtown Art Walk. This is a great benefit to the overall event and all participants, as this insert will include your 2”x2” ad and the official event map. Locations wishing to increase the size of their ad may do so through a Tribune sales rep. The circulation for this insert is 28,500.
  9. Serving Alcohol. Any business that does not have a license to serve beer and wine shall arrange for an alcohol catering permit; a beer and wine permit for benevolent, charitable, and public purpose events; or a winery sponsored event permit. An alcohol catering permit can be obtained from the City. Please contact Sue Gehrke at A beer and wine permit for benevolent, charitable, and public purpose events may be suitable for a non-profit entity or for a person who intends to benefit a non-profit entity, as long as they donate the net proceeds from the event for a “benevolent, charitable, or public purpose”. Such a permit can be obtained from the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control by contacting (208) 884-7060. A wine sponsored event permit may be obtained by the holder of an Idaho winery license from the State. You may wish to contact a local winery to discuss this possibility.

QUESTIONS: Contact Courtney Kramer, Beautiful Downtown Lewiston:

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