Downtown Stakeholder Survey

We need your input!

Survey window closes on August 25.

  • Why We're Surveying Stakeholders

    Beautiful Downtown Lewiston (BDL) will spend September planning our 2018 activities and budget. As the Main Street organization charged with revitalizing downtown Lewiston, we’re seeking your input about BDL as an organization and our effectiveness in improving the business climate, enabling private investment in properties, and coordinating improvements to public spaces in downtown Lewiston.
  • BDL the Organization

    As a non-profit focused on revitalizing downtown Lewiston, BDL is situated at the intersection of private property owners, business owners and entrepreneurs, public agencies and community members who want a great downtown. The Organization Committee focuses on internal operations and external community building.
  • For BDL Members

    THANK YOU for your continued support of our organization through your time and financial contributions. These questions are intended to gather feedback about how we're doing in service to our members.
  • CorporateKeyBusinessNon-proftFriend of Downtown LewistonI'm not sure
  • YesNoI didn't know this!
  • YesNoUndecided
  • 54321
  • Strategic Planning

    BDL adopts an annual work plan to guide our volunteers, staff and Board of Directors through the year.
  • 54321
    Developing a 5-10 year strategic plan for BDL as an organization.
    Developing new revenue streams to augment our resources (currently 50% event revenue, 25% City of Lewiston, 25% membership dues).
    Creating grant funds to help business and property owners.
    Fostering connections between downtown community members through regular social gatherings.
    Building the capacity to thrive of other downtown institutions (Liberty Theater Preservation Alliance, YWCA, Civic Theatre, Center for Arts & History, Nez Perce County Museum, etc).
    Recruiting new businesses complementary to the existing business mix.
    Emphasizing the development of new residential units downtown.
  • For non-BDL Members

    We've asked you to participate in this survey because we think you have an interest in the success of downtown Lewiston. The below questions pertain to our membership recruitment efforts and non-member perceptions of BDL.
  • YesNo
    BDL Public e-newsletter
    Social Media
    Print Media
  • YesNo
    I don't see the value in being a member of BDL
    I can participate in events that are good for my business, like Artwalk, without paying membership dues
    My budget doesn't stretch that far
    I've been waiting to be invited by BDL
  • Events and Promotions

    Intended to shift the community's perception of downtown Lewiston and get customers in front of or in your door.
  • Downtown as a Destination Events

    BDL’s “downtown as a destination” events invite our community downtown for an event that takes place in a public space downtown. While there may be thousands of community members in the street, the public doesn’t have to enter a business to participate in the event.
  • 54321
    Sound Downtown
    Capital Street Dock Concert/Barge in Festival
    Hot August Night Friday Car Cruise
    Pumpkin Palooza
  • YesNoMaybe
    5/10k walk/ run or fitness event
    Holiday Children's Parade
    A food event on Main Street
  • Business Exposure Events

    Business Exposure Events: BDL’s business exposure events are designed to increase foot traffic into your property while introducing new customers to your business. Community members must enter businesses to participate in “Business exposure” events.
  • 543210- I don't participate
    St. Patrick's Day Downtown Pub Crawl
    Home Town Pep Rally
    Downtown Artwalk
  • YesNoMaybe
    Restaurant Week
    Fall Bridal Walk
    Crazy Days/ Sidewalk Sale
    Bike to Work Week
  • Promotions

    BDL promotes downtown Lewiston in non-event ways too. In 2017, BDL purchased advertisements in the Visit LC Valley Visitor’s Guide and the bought the front cover of the Inland 360’s “Annual Manual.” We also leveraged $30,000 of generously donated radio advertising; most of which was aimed at advertising for our events. In addition to functioning as a fundraiser for BDL, our annual Price is Right Downtown event promotes downtown businesses by getting business names in front of a large audience.
  • 54321
    Social media promotions of downtown Lewiston (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, e-newsletter)
    Print media promotions of downtown Lewiston (Inland 360, Lewiston Tribune, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, etc).
    Updated BDL website
    Radio promotions of downtown Lewiston with local and regional stations
  • Economic Vitality

    Improving the economic climate so that businesses thrive and properties in downtown Lewiston are productive.
  • Business Owners

  • Downtown from 1st to 9th StreetsDowntown from 9th to 13th StreetsDowntown, east of 13th StreetNormal HillNot downtown but within the Lewiston City LimitsOutside of the Lewiston City Limits
  • YesNoUncertain
    We have on-site parking
    On the street in front of our business
    In the public parking lot on F Street
    in the public parking lot on D Street
    In the "Historic" parking lot next to the Library
  • YesNoUncertain
    We have on-site parking
    On the street in front of our business
    In the public parking lot on F Street
    In the public parking lot on D Street
    In the "Historic" parking lot next to the Library
    They pay to park in a private lot
  • YesNoI have in the past but I don't currently
    Social media
    Print- publications for local distribution
    Print- publications for visitors and tourists
  • YesNoUndecided
  • Property Owners

  • YesNoSomtimes
    Sign in a window
    Craigslist/ online
    Ad in a newspaper
    Word of mouth
  • YesMaybe
    Up to $10,000
    No reinvestment, other than routine maintenance is planned
    Between $10,000 and $25,000
    Between $25,000 and $100,000
    Between $100,000 and $250,000
    Above $250,000
  • Environmental Design

    BDL’s Design Committee works to coordinate public and private improvements in downtown Lewiston. The Design Committee focuses on development of design-related policy, coordinating public improvements downtown and implementation of small grant funds like BDL’s Signage grant.
  • 54321
    Improving pedestrian lighting on Main Street
    Improving pedestrian lighting on C, D F or other adjacent streets
    Improvements to public parking in lots and on streets
    Pedestrian-friendly wayfinding signs so customers can find their way around
    Improved maintenance of landscaping planters
    Benches so people can linger
    Improved ADA-compliant access to the sidewalks of downtown Lewiston
  • Downtown traffic

    We've done a lot of studies about the impact that traffic volume and speeds have on the business environment in downtown Lewiston. Some improvements, like the Pilot Parking Project, narrowed the traffic lanes enough to reduce average speeds from 22 mph to 18.5 mph while also adding diagonal parking. The community anticipates a major rebuild of Main Street, though that project is not yet a priority for the City of Lewiston, nor is it designed or a plan in place for funding construction. These items take a long time to plan-- help us understand what you want. Please score your response with 5 being very important and 1 being not important.
  • Public Policy Development

    BDL's Design Committee is able to work with the City of Lewiston and other governmental agencies to develop policies that enable and encourage private investment in downtown Lewiston.
  • 54321
    A tax abatement for property owners who reinvest in their historic buildings
    An incentive for property owners to modify their parking lots to more efficiently offer parking and reduce stormwater runoff
    Developing a knowledgeable, predictable application process for design review in the existing or potentially expanded historic district.
    Developing a policy that allows open containers of alcohol in public places during special events like an Oktoberfest or Sound Downtown.
  • Contact Information

    Thank you for taking the time to participate in BDL's 2017 stakeholder survey. We’re asking for identifying information so that we can sort the survey response data and identify which stakeholders participated in the survey process and which selected not to participate. All survey information will be confidential. BDL’s staff will present summaries of the information gathered through the survey process to BDL’s Board of Directors as part of the strategic planning process.
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