Downtown ArtWalk

OCTOBER 4, 2018 | 4:00PM-9:00PM | OCTOBER 5, 2018 | NOON- 4:00PM

Lewiston Downtown Artwalk Map 

Artwalk 2018 Impact Report Available and Save the Date for Artwalk 2019

The Lewiston Artwalk Committee is pleased to report on the success of the Lewiston Artwalk…

BDL Selling ArtWalk Buttons for Public Art Fund

The Artwalk Committee will sell buttons to raise matching funds for grant applications in support of public art in September and October…

Spirit of the Renegade Nez Perce drum circle planned during Artwalk

We’re pleased to welcome the Spirit of the Renegade Nez Perce drummers to Artwalk 2018…

Sections of Washington-Idaho Symphony to Perform at Artwalk

The Downtown Artwalk Committee is pleased to welcome sections of the Washington-Idaho Symphony to Artwalk on Friday, October 5…

We're still taking Artwalk registrations!

Did you run out of time to register for Artwalk 2018? Good news! We’re still taking registrations!

Welcome 2018 Featured Artist Linda Scott

Lewiston’s Artwalk committee is pleased to feature the work of local artist and art educator Linda Scott at the 2018 Downtown Artwalk.

Ms. Scott is a painter best known for her sculptural folding screens. The interactive panels, hinged to swivel 360 degrees, create multiple configurations and extend the possibilities of two-dimensional painting.  She encourages people to walk around her screens, turn panels, and discover connections.

Born in San Francisco, Scott earned degrees in Advertising Art & Design and in Fine Art. She worked as an illustrator, graphic artist, and muralist in California.  Those twenty-five years of exposure to Bay Area art, culture, and education influenced the next four decades of her career as a teacher and an artist in Idaho.