Lewiston’s Hot August Nights

Lewiston’s Hot August Nights

As of November 2017, Beautiful Downtown Lewiston is no longer actively involved in Lewiston’s Hot August Nights.

In 2011, BDL agreed to manage the Friday Car Cruise and Saturday Show and Shine for Pacific Empire Radio Corporation (PERC), which owns the trademark to Lewiston’s Hot August Nights. With the assistance of generous sponsors and community-minded volunteers, BDL grew car show registration from 257 in 2011 to 392 in 2017. We’re also proud to report that between 2011 and 2017 BDL forwarded $19,200 in LHAN profit sharing to our partner non-profits that provided the man power to enable BDL to coordinate the event.

BDL is grateful for the opportunity to provide a free family-friendly event of quality for our community members. The event would not have been possible without the generous volunteer spirit of long-time LHAN committee members Bill Miller, Julie Jackson, Sarah Wilmore, Duane Ash, Julie Pierce, Bob Hoover and Boyd Johnson, not to mention their spouses, friends, and grandchildren who sometimes jumped in to lend a hand.

PERC has selected to retain management of the LHAN Car Cruise and Show and Shine. In the spirit of goodwill and best wishes for continuing a beloved community event, BDL has provided PERC with a digital copy of all our files. We’ve also provided PERC with the contact information for the various public agencies, private businesses, and community organizations that generously assisted BDL with the LHAN Car Cruise and Show and Shine.

Inquiries about the 2018 LHAN event should be directed to Pacific Empire Radio, at (208) 743-6564.

Thank you for your kindness in helping BDL successfully promote and manage the Friday Car Cruise and Saturday Show and Shine of Lewiston’s Hot August Nights.