Design Guidelines

Creating a Cohesive Look and Feel for Downtown Lewiston

The Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Design Committee has compiled the following guidelines to be considered by both public and private entities hoping to be part of the physical revitalization effort in downtown Lewiston.


Below, you can download our pdf documents to learn more about ways to coordinate your development efforts with Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Design Committee’s mission to create a cohesive look and feel for downtown Lewiston.

About the Design Guidelines

Encourage developers to design buildings that enhance downtown’s pedestrian appeal, improve public space and retain historical character.


Provide a palette of objective, design-oriented elements to assist property owners, developers, architects, planners, elected officials and interested citizens in understanding the types of projects that are consistent with the community’s vision for a vibrant and attractive downtown Lewiston.


The traditional commercial storefront can be considered the most important element that sets apart and gives character to a downtown district. The majority of Lewiston’s historical buildings date from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. When originally constructed, most of our downtown buildings shared a consistency in design and proportion that was key to creating a strong visual image. This consistency was and still is important in conveying how we want our downtown to be perceived by the client who seeks goods and services here. A visually unified downtown can go a long way in attracting people to our downtown as well as to the individual shops and businesses located here.


Each individual building façade plays an important role in the makeup of a downtown district. Storefronts, window displays, signage, color and architectural details all play integral roles in the successful design of individual buildings.

Our Branding

Consistency and the branding of Beautiful Downtown Lewiston is important to us. We have our logos available for use in a variety of formats: .eps, .pdf, .jpg and .png. Our logos are available in horizontal and vertical formats for use with permission granted by Beautiful Downtown Lewiston.


Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Design Committee has begun administering small matching grants to downtown business or property owners to help improve signage. Next deadline is May 15, 2015.


Please contact us if you are a business or property owner who would like to schedule a meeting with the Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Design Committee to request suggestions for your improvement projects.

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